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About Us

Industry Veterans Modernizing Firmware Development

Hi, I'm Akbar and I'm Evan. We run Pocobor because we want embedded systems development to be accessible to everyone. To do that we decided to focus on two things:

1) Make system prototyping and firmware development blazingly fast. Too many good ideas die because it simply takes too long to get a minimum viable product into the hands of users. When it comes to moving faster, better test automation and team collaboration are essential, which is why we prioritize both in our work. 

2) Make remote firmware development possible. The general consensus with embedded systems is that unless the hardware is sitting on your desk you can't develop and test production firmware. We decided to change that and make it possible to develop firmware on real hardware from anywhere, even if you are thousands of miles from your development hardware.  

Oh by the way, to make all this possible, we launched a development and testing platform called Lager. We're very excited about this and believe it will fundamentally change how firmware is developed.


Both of us love talking shop with fellow engineers so please give us a shout and let's connect!

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