Gold at Robogames!

Podium Moment Reenactment (No Flowers? How about Bamboo?)

We are proud to announce “Passage for Peace” received a gold medal in the Art Bot Competition this weekend at Robogames!

Our initial interest in participating was just to share the concept, but we are ecstatic that the judges appreciated the piece. We were extremely encouraged by the strong positive feedback from Robogames guests as well. Guests jumped, especially the kids, at the opportunity for a “Touch Exhibit” they could actually interact with instead of just admire with their eyes. I even saw numerous people circle back with friends to show off our piece and interact with each other through our exhibit from across the room.

Although the two installations were located next to each other at Robogames, guests grasped and endorsed the larger concept of installing and connecting two or more exhibits in different countries around the world. The distributed exhibits would connect people through touch, sound, and warmth across physical, cultural, and language barriers to promote Peace. Learn more at the project url: www.passageforpeace.org.

If you missed Robogames, we are continuing to show the exhibit as much as possible to get the community interested. We’ll keep you informed about the next showing, so keep an eye on this blog!

Finally, we’d like to give a special thanks to Marnia Johnston who curated the Art Bot portion of Robogames as well as David Calkins and Simone Davalos for organizing such an awesome event. Thanks!




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