And…We’re Off.

We are Pocobor.  This is our blog.

We have begun this exercise in futility because we believe we are standing at the forefront of a sea change in the tech world.  Specifically, we believe we are in the early stages of a shift in technological importance / excitement from software based projects to those that make use of hardware elements.

As far as Pocobor is concerned, this will be a welcome shift.  We look forward to a time when eyeballs are no longer the most valuable commodity and sales are once again thrust into the spotlight of importance.  When we began Pocobor, we had been frustrated by the near Rodney Dangerfield levels of lack of respect paid to hardware innovations.  As engineers, we found it challenging to wrap our head around what we perceived to be outrageous valuations and we grew weary of pitching hardware concepts in a software-hungry valley.  Rounded Corners, CPMs, Gradients, and Social Networking carried little allure.

As such, we founded Pocobor to provide ourselves with an outlet for our passion for hardware as well as a creative venue in which to drive innovations in Mechatronics design.  We now work on projects for some pretty badass clients as well as our own internal “Po-Jects” which we use to study different areas of Mechatronics, solve various annoying problems, and incubate startups.

As this undeniable shift lumbers on, we hope to provide a helpful voice and an intelligent forum to help ease the transition.

Our Goals for this Blog:

-Provide a source of encouragement and advice for those interested in HW / Mechatronic projects / startups.
-Share our learning experiences from both client work and internal Po-Jects.
-Share our design and problem-solving processes
-Fuel a discussion on the future of hardware and its role with respect to the web and society
-Wrap an effective definition around this thing we call Mechatronics and make a case for its importance to the future of hardware development.

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