“Passage for Peace”

Now that I’m back from Milan and a little rested, I wanted to briefly explain the concept we exhibited.

From the video you’ll notice that there are two identical stands, each with alternating metal and glass poles.  This exhibit is only a small scale model of a much larger concept, both in physical size and geographically. Each stand represents a much larger monument that will exist in a public space in large cities around the world. For example, one of these monuments could reside in San Francisco’s Civic Center, with another monument located near Paris’s Eiffel Tower.

The exhibit encourages interaction from everyone who passes by and provides the opportunity for people all across the world to interact with one another in the name of “Peace”. The idea is that when someone in one of the cities, for example San Francisco, touches a metal pole, the two adjacent glass poles light up and emit a musical tone. Simultaneously the corresponding glass poles in Paris light up and play the same note played in San Francisco. If someone in Paris then responds by touching the corresponding metal pole being touched in San Francisco (so that in both cities the corresponding poles are being touched simultaneously) the light and tone becomes stronger. If the two remotely connected people hold that touch for a sustained time period (approximately three seconds) the lights will begin to flash signifying a “Peace” event between these two individuals.

The exhibit also provides the ability to make musical chords locally or between cities. There are twelve metal poles, each producing a note in an octave (C, C#, D, D#, E, F, etc.). For example, if three people working together in different cities create a C chord (C, E, G or metal pole one, metal pole five, and metal pole eight) they will hear the C chord as well as see another unique “Peace” event (a light cascade up and down the installation). However the chord needs to be exact in order for a special event to occur. For example, C, E, G, A (pole one, pole five, pole eight, and pole ten) will not produce a special “Peace” event because that combination is not harmonious. The idea is that it is hard to produce harmony, but once you do it is beautiful.

The ultimate idea is that through touch, sound, and warmth (light) people will be able to interact with people from faraway lands in a very personal way to promote “Peace”.

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