Egg Timer

This video is a quick demo of a kitchen timer that we developed with Peter Gleason of Red Visor Designs (www.redvisordesigns.com). Peter came to us with a vision for a kitchen timer that would have a clean, elegant design and be extremely simple to use. Though egg-shaped kitchen timers have been around for a while, his design concept was to strip the idea down to its bare essentials – a button, a display, and a buzzer.

The single button can be used to set, start, or stop the timer. The display tells you how much time remains or, if the timer has already gone off, how much time has elapsed since then. The color of the back-light tells you at a glance whether the timer has a while to go (green), is about to go off (yellow), or has already gone off (red). And, the small size and graceful design (nice work, Peter!) make the device unobtrusive and at home on a crowded counter top.

Development of the prototype in the video took place in under 2 weeks, with Peter responsible for the product design and mechanical prototyping and Pocobor handling the electronics and software. Another example of a quick but thoroughly enjoyable project!

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