Poco-Intro: John Pelochino

My name is John, not to be confused with Jon. We like the name Jo(h)n around here, it keeps it interesting/confusing. I’m pretty dam excited about this blog – a place to post my voice and spread the gospel of mechatronics. I’ll start it all off with a little blurb about me. I dig mechatronics – we get to play with electronics and make them do cool things in the REAL world. I’m a self-proclaimed tinkerer – why not take it apart? I like working in groups – nothing beats the energy in a brainstorm and you can’t really hi-five yourself (I’ve tried, not fun). And who doesn’t like a good hi-five? In the pocobor family, I’m probably the weird uncle – cracking random jokes at odd times and keeping things interesting or at least uncomfortable. That pretty much sums it up. Keep an eye on this blog – we play with knowledge, you’ll like it.

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