Poco-Intro: Brian Krieger

Hello world – my name is Brian and since this is my first blog post here, I guess I will introduce myself and also talk a little about why I am writing these posts. I am one of the partners at Pocobor and my background is originally in mechanical engineering, but I have been pretty focused on mechatronics and embedded systems for the last few years. Like the other bloggers here, I work full time as a mechatronics consultant / designer for Pocobor as
well as working on some mechatronics side projects that I am interested in. I also like robots.


From a big picture perspective, I am writing about this kind of stuff because I am very excited about the potential for really cool and useful innovations associated with mechatronics. I think that mechatronics (or integrated / embedded / electro-mechanical / [insert your pet terminology here] systems) is poised to change the way that we interact with the world. The Jetsons have seen the Future, and its name is Mechatronics (just kidding… but not really).

Cameron (one of the other partners and bloggers here) has a really interesting and much more detailed set of posts queued up for you that really dig into the ways that we see mechatronics changing the world and I don’t want to steal his thunder, but I told you I would try to answer the question “Why the hell does this blog exist?” The answer is: because we are deeply excited about the potential for mechatronics to make our lives more interesting, powerful, and happy. (It would also be disingenuous not to add that we are excited about our company’s
role in making that happen).

So that’s the big picture. The question now becomes “How can one help along that process?” We think that one answer is to create a vibrant mechatronics online community to share and discuss ideas, plans, and results. That is why we are adding our voice to forums like Mechatropolis, Mechatronics Zone and Bug Labs. We hope that we can reach people who are, like us, interested in mechatronics and its applications. We hope you will find some of
our ideas and activities thought-provoking and especially that you will let us know what your reactions are.

What kind of posts will be going up? Personally, I’m planning a roster of posts ranging from big posts describing some of the work I’m doing to little notes about anything mechatronics- related that I find interesting or cool. The first sequence of posts that I am working on will document the process of designing and building a device that will act as a lap counter for swimmers. This is just a project that I am working on because it interests me and my goal is
to let you know how I am going about designing and prototyping the device and also to solicit thoughts or suggestions on how to improve it.

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