Pocobor in Uganda

We recently returned from an amazing two week trip to Uganda, Africa! We were there deploying a handful of product prototypes for a field study and meeting our users face to face. The image above is the site of one of the deployments, which was a typical off-grid (no electricity) village home and business. It was an amazing hands on, user-centric design experience, which gave me the opportunity to identify and empathize with the end user. An incredible amount of information was exchanged and user behavior understood in a very short amount of time. From the first deployment on, opportunities and design changes have been swirling in my head. Now that we’re back in SF we’re ready for the next phase of the project, even as field data continues to trickle in.

I enjoyed experiencing the polarity of the bustling city and the quiet and peaceful country. The capital city, Kampala, was vibrant and alive with movement everywhere. The countryside was beautiful with more rolling green hills (and Matooke, the local green plantain) then I’ve ever seen. The people were incredibly welcoming, friendly, and hospitable, which made us feel immediately comfortable and at home in both the city and the country. I’d just recommend using extra caution when crossing the road; the pedestrian in Uganda has no right of way.


The electronics district in Kampala.


Does it get greener than this?

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