Toyota iQ Car Generated Font

I normally don’t get too excited about fonts.  I’m pretty happy with Times New Roman – go ahead, make fun of me, I can take it.  However, I recently came across a new font that caught my attention.  It is a font made by recording the motions of a car as it “writes” out each letter at the hand of a stunt driver.  The project was carried out by Happiness Brussels, an innovative advertising group in Belgium that has effectively integrated technology into many of their projects.

Beyond being a very innovative way to advertise the handling of a new car (the Toyota iQ), the font development project illustrates a real-world example of an object tracking system. By mounting a camera to the ceiling of the warehouse and attaching colored circles to distinct portions of the car, the specialized software can track the overall position of the vehicle in real time.  Further, it can track the path of each tire as the vehicle moves through space and really adds to the authenticity of the font.  The project effectively conveys the interplay between the physical world and electronics/software.

Check out more here.

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