An Eye-Tracking Camera

This is a really cool concept for a camera. It’s called Iris, and it was designed by Mimi Zou, a student at the Royal College of Art in London. As you might guess from the name, you control Iris with your eye. You can squint to zoom, and you blink twice to take a picture. It will track your eye to make sure that it focuses on what you focus on so that you never have a blurry picture again. It will also identify the person behind the camera and load his or her favorite settings before taking any pictures.

Sadly, this video is just a demonstration of a possible design; however, Mimi has demonstrated a working prototype. This concept is beautiful, and I hope Mimi continues to develop this unique camera.

Smart Milk Jug

I saw an interesting post on Techcrunch the other day about a smart milk jug project developed by GE and Quirky. The 1-quart product uses pH, temperature and weight sensors to track both how much milk is left and whether it has gone bad. There is a discrete LED interface on the base in addition to a GSM radio and SIM card so that the user can receive a text message reminder when it is time to buy more milk.

The value proposition for this particular product is a bit underwhelming in my opinion (but then again, a quart of milk usually disappears long before it would go bad at my house) but I love the thinking behind it. It’s great to see people working to use smart technology to improve their day-to-day lives, especially in areas that aren’t typically associated with high technology.

Granath, The Animatronics Dragon

I came across this scary guy the other day. He (she?) is an animatronic puppet that was built by students from the Poly Bots Club of NYU Poly Tech. It was built for the Puppetry Arts Youth Empowerment Program. I need to make one of these animatronic puppets for Halloween. You can learn more about the Puppetry Arts Program here.