Bioenergy Harvesting

I came across these boot add-ons that the military is considering using. They will basically harvest the energy used by soldiers as they walk to power the growing number of electronics a modern day soldier must carry with him (night vision, gps, light saber…). The hope is that by harvesting energy from the soldiers, they won’t need to carry as many batteries which can weigh as much as 20 lbs. I wouldn’t mind having a pair of these for my next camping trip. If I ever need to charge my iPhone all I need to do is go on a hike.

Robot Cheetahs

Boston Dynamics makes some pretty incredible (and scary) robots. They specialize in biomimetic robots, which attempt to mimic the ways animals naturally move. I first heard about them when I was forwarded a video of Big Dog, a robot that was developed to carry heavy loads over rough terrain. Since then, they’ve made many more robots, including an anthropomorphic robot that can jog on a treadmill and perform calisthenics. If you haven’t seen their work before, check out their youtube channel for some truly astounding videos.

Their lastest video really caught my attention. They’ve created a robot whose movement is modeled on a cheetah, and it even has an articulating back. It looks like something straight out of the Terminator movies. I just hope they don’t give it lasers!

Robot Swarms or Flying Cars?

Shortly after Akbar’s recent post on Robot Swarms, I came across this video about the future of the flying car. It takes a whole new angle that I’ve never considered. What a great way to take an emerging technology in a new direction. Just one more step towards the Jetsons.