All-purpose Offenses for Men's and Women's Basketball (Art & by Harry L.Mike Harkins, Jerry Krause

By Harry L.Mike Harkins, Jerry Krause

Publication by means of Harkins, Harry L.Mike, Krause, Jerry

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4) reverses the ball to (1) by way of (5) at the point, and makes a shuffle cut off (3) to the ballside low post area. This cut leads to a lot of baskets because X4 is not used to getting through perimeter screens and X3 probably will not "hedge out" to help defend the cutter (4). See Diagram 1-6. Diagram 1-5 Wing to Big Entry Diagram 1-6 Shuffle Cut Page 14 (2) replaces (4) at the wing, as (3) moves up to set a screen that allows (5) to cut to the offside lay-up area for a possible lob pass. See Diagram 1-7.

Contain both quick-shot and clock-killing elements. 6. Be adaptable to use against combination, changing, and disguised zone defenses. 7. Be adaptable to double-teaming pressure. 8. Utilize the talent available to the team. 9. Encourage individual initiative with optional play variations, meaning players should be allowed to use their individual strengths within the team system of play. 10. Attack the defense in a variety of ways. Page 9 The eight offenses are subdivided as follows: 1. Basic Playthe heart of the offense.

This makes it best suited for teams that lack a dominant big player. The Basic Pattern Diagram 2-1 shows the double stack open up as (1) reaches the head of the key. (1) passes to wing (2) and slashes off (4) to the ballside low post. (4) must cut to the high post after the popout screen for (2) and before (1) makes the cut to avoid a foul being called. (4) then steps out to receive a pass from (2), who screens down for (1). (1)'s rule is to "put your head under the basket" before your pop cut using the down screen to cut to the wing (ala UCLA).

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