AIDS and Complementary & Alternative Medicine: Current by Leanna J. Standish ND PhD Lac, Carlo Calabrese ND MPH,

By Leanna J. Standish ND PhD Lac, Carlo Calabrese ND MPH, Mary Lou Galantino PT MS PhD

This accomplished source compiles the newest clinical details with regards to complementary and replacement remedies and the therapy of HIV/AIDS. It provides the newest examine within the parts of homeopathy, healing contact, guide medication, nutrients, and circulation treatment for individuals dwelling with HIV/AIDS. The specified study demanding situations which are eager about the medical overview of complementary and replacement drugs are mentioned, and the authors supply new insights into the complicated pathogenesis of AIDS. a part of the scientific publications to Complementary & substitute medication sequence.

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Many RCT studies can be done now and have sufficient preliminary data to justify controlled trials, such as many of the interventions cited in this volume. Many questions can and should be addressed by RCTs. RCTs have the highest internal validity of any clinical research method. Studies that use randomization to eliminate selection bias and blinding to reduce nonspecific effects provide strong evidence, if results are significantly positive, that a well-defined medication is better than a placebo or an active control in the carefully selected population.

ALTERNATIVE THEORIES Standard textbook accounts ofAIDS pathogenesis describe a process in which HIV infects CD4 + T lymphocytes (hereafter referred to as T cells), macrophages, and dendritic cells, creating a persistent, low-level infection that slowly wears down the immune system over time. The exact mechanisms of cellular death are still the subject ofintense investigation that includes possibilities such as HN-triggered apoptosis (programmed cell death), direct cellular killing, and indirect cellular killing due to observed increases in cytokines, tumor necrosis factor (TNF), and related molecules.

With herbs it is quite possible to perform a single-agent controlled trial in a specific disease, but numerous choices need to be made regarding the intervention. Problems in studies begin with the verification of plant species used, conditions under which the plant is grown and harvested, and the storage and stability of active compounds. There are choices of whether to use the whole plant, particular parts, various crude extracts, or a specific chemical constituent that may be concentrated in various ways and to varying degrees of purity.

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