Advances in Cancer Therapy by Hala Gali-Muhtasib

By Hala Gali-Muhtasib

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2004). , 2011). As will be described in other sections of this chapter, exosomes influence immune cells both in normal and abnormal states such as cancer. , 2006). In this regard, exosomes mimic viral particles by directing host cellular processes to its advantage. , 2008). It is of interest to better understand the precise pro-inflammatory and thrombotic roles of exosomes and potentially use them as therapeutic targets in these conditions. Finally, the discovery of exosomes in urine has opened up the possibility of exosomal proteins being used as biomarkers for disease.

2009). , 2011) including 42 Advances in Cancer Therapy immune cells and tumor cells, many studies set out to manipulate exosomes for cancer therapy, specifically immunotherapy. , 1996), studies have suggested exosomes may have an immunogenic role. Currently, DEXs from pulsed dendritic cells are under investigation for their ability to enhance and prime the immune system against tumor cells. Dendritic cells activate T cell responses through direct dendritic to T cell contacts. , 1998). 1 Anti-cancer therapy The importance of exosomes in cell to cell communication can be seen in their antigen presenting ability.

They are also believed to be instrumental in cell-cell and cellextracellular communication. Moreover, while knowledge of exosome biogenesis and physiological relevance remains limited, accumulating evidence suggests that their bioactivity may be clinically applicable in cancer therapeutics. One recent work suggests that the use of exosomes in immunotherapy may prime the immune system to recognize and kill cancer cells and thus could form a viable basis for the development of novel cancer vaccines.

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