Advanced Magnetic Nanostructures by D.J. Sellmyer, Ralph Skomski

By D.J. Sellmyer, Ralph Skomski

Complex Magnetic Nanostructures is dedicated to the fabrication characterization, experimental research, theoretical figuring out, and usage of complex magnetic nanostructures. the point of interest is on quite a few forms of 'bottom-up' and 'top-down' man made nanostructures, as contrasted to obviously taking place magnetic nanostructures reminiscent of iron-oxide inclusions in magnetic rocks, and to buildings similar to excellent skinny movies

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For example, 'long-range' thermodynamic fluctuations, as involved in the realization of the Curie temperature, and deviations fiom the Bloch character of metallic wave functions yield only small corrections when the size of the magnetic particle exceeds about 1 nm. The dynamics is characterized by fast equilibration times which means that intrinsic properties can - Nanomagnetic Models 43 be treated by equilibrium statistical mechanics. This makes it possible to treat intrinsic properties as local parameters.

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