ADULTERY by Louise DeSalvo

By Louise DeSalvo

Louise DeSalvo dangers all, within the corporation of Edith Wharton, Virginia Woolf, Henry Miller, and Madam Recamier. by means of filtering the tale of her personal husband's affair via other's tales, she revels within the continuously intriguing delusion and tells from the often painful fact of adultery. The conclusions she attracts, and the stability she unearths in her marriage and in others, make ADULTERY a enjoyable, poignant, and compassionate e-book.

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There are no raised voices, no bitterness, no rancor, no sorrow, no leaking toilets or sinks, no lousy landlords, no obnoxious neighbors, no work, no bills, no boring or bad sex, no children present. Most assuredly, there are no pets. ) In my fantasy of adultery (in everyone's fantasy of adultery) there is no real life. Which, I have come to realize through the years, is precisely what drives people to commit adultery. Because in everybody's fantasy of what adultery will be like, there is no real life.

Not ever. Hell, you don't even know what you want to do. Unless you begin to find out soon, you tell yourself, you may as well not bother trying. Life is passing by too quickly. You're twenty-five, or thirty-five, or forty-five, or fifty-five, whatever. You tell yourself that you don't have that much more time left, so you better start living life to the fullest. Now. After all, you only have one life to live, and this one isn't a dress rehearsal. Everything that, a few days before, seemed wonderful (your partner, your home) and meaningful Page 19 (your life together, your job) and adorable (your kids, the dog, the cats, the guppywell, maybe not the guppy, who has always had this terrible habit of shitting long strands while you're having your dinner), everything that, at the very least, you thought was bearable and tolerable (the condition of marriage), now seems trivial and meaningless: a compromise, a trap, even.

And like many another foolish lover, she told Fullerton how much she needed him, and she gave her diary to him to read. He learned that she was so smitten with him that he had the upper hand in their relationship. This hastened its end, for Fullerton preferred his lovers to be unavailable, unobtainable, which is why he initially chose the married Wharton. Wharton wrote letters to Fullerton which read pretty much like anyone else's love letters, especially the pained ones written when it becomes obvious Page 10 to her that, although he might be the most important man in her life, she is but one of many women in his.

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