A Practical Guide to Energy Management for Managers by Energywise Consortium

By Energywise Consortium

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Suggested action plan: 1. Measure the organisation’s current level of energy awareness 2. Write a company energy policy and integrate it into an environmental policy and Business Plan 3. Appoint an energy manager with the power to act 4. Allocate funds for energy reduction schemes 5. Make the whole organisation aware of an energy reduction programme 6. Publicise the organisation’s energy reduction programme 7. Review and recognise all the achievements made 8. Keep employees aware of the success of the programme with regular updates 9.

Have you included heating, air conditioning, air compressors, process machinery, and what about all those items that are left running overnight? Just this simple exercise could point to prime areas of energy wastage that are calling out for further investigation. It is at this point that you can start to set some energy reduction targets because you are now managing your energy usage, rather than taking it as a fixed cost to the business over which you have no control. 4 discusses how to make use of degree day data so we will not cover all of this again.

New initiatives and regular news updates can help keep an energy reduction programme to the fore. There are many reasons why an organisation should take energy efficiency seriously, from improving the economic health to helping with reducing damage to the environment. Many measures can also bring substantial benefits in terms of employee comfort through improved heating, insulation and the avoidance of cold spots. This can reduce staff turnover and improve productivity. Attention to energy efficiency can often highlight deficiencies in other areas such as maintenance, process yield and quality, therefore giving significant additional productivity benefits.

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