A Practical Grammar of the Pali Language by Charles Duroiselle

By Charles Duroiselle

This scarce antiquarian booklet is a facsimile reprint of the unique. because of its age, it may well comprise imperfections comparable to marks, notations, marginalia and wrong pages. simply because we think this paintings is culturally very important, we've got made it on hand as a part of our dedication for safeguarding, conserving, and selling the world's literature in cheap, prime quality, sleek versions which are precise to the unique paintings.

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Garun´, garuniyo. Neuter. garèni, garè. garèna×. garèna×. garèni, garè. garèhi, garèbhi. garèhi, garèbhi. garèsu. garèni, garè. Decline like garu. Masculine. bahu, many. sŒdu, agreeable. sŒdhu, good. dattu, stupid. Feminine. bahun´, sŒdun´, sŒdhun´, dattun´, Neuter. bahu. sŒdu. sŒdhu. dattu. 2l5. Adjectives in è (long) 216. Adjectives in è form their Feminine by means of n´, è being shortened before it. 217. They are declined, in the Masc. like sayambhè, and in the Feminine like nad´ and in the Neut.

Esin´na×. esin´na×. esin´, esiniyo. esin´hi, esin´bhi. esin´hi, esin´bhi esin´su. esin´. Decline like es´ Masculine Feminine. ekŒk´, solitary. ekŒkin´, cŒr´, roaming. cŒrin´, ekakkh´, one eyed. ekakkhin´, macchar´, niggardly. maccharin´, sèr´, wise. sèrin´, jay´, victorious. jayin´, 51 Neuter. es´ni, es´. esina×. es´na×. es´ni, esi. es´hi, es´bhi. esihi, esibhi. es´su. es´. Neuter. ekŒki. cŒri. ekakkhi. macchari. sèri. jayi. 211. ) 212. These are declined in the Masculine like bhikkhu, in the Feminine like nad´, and in the Neuter like cakkhu.

4. Accusative, this is the object of the sentence. 5. Instrumentive, shows the object or person with or by whom something is performed. 6. Ablative, generally showing separation, expressed by from. 7. ). 8. Vocative, used in addressing persons. Remarks. The student will find fuller explanations of the uses of the cases in the chapter on Syntax. 117. The declension of nouns is divided into two great divisions: (a) Vowel-declension, comprising all the stems that end in a vowel. (b) Consonantal, declension, in which are included all the stems ending in a consonant.

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