A Method of Programming by Edsger W. Dijkstra, W. H. J. Feijen, Joke Sterringa

By Edsger W. Dijkstra, W. H. J. Feijen, Joke Sterringa

Publication through Dijkstra, Edsger W., Feijen, W. H. J., Sterringa, funny story

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Over and above the attributes provided in the balance sheet entity, there is typically significant additional detail available. This is largely grouped around the following subtypes: 1. Asset details – representing the financial value of what the firm owns 2. Liabilities – legal financial obligations that the firm holds 3. e. shareholders) plus any retained earnings (or losses) 4. Reserves – cash and other cash-like securities that are held in reserve against future liabilities or other obligations 5.

Events can happen both on a scheduled 42 Market Data Explained basis and in response to specific business developments (which are quite often classified as corporate actions, described later in this chapter) 3. Details – these provide information specifically relating to an event. Taken together, these three logical entities – as illustrated for conversion terms above – provide a consistent manner in which to consider the features and actions that can be associated with a complex financial security.

Instrument identifier – a value used to uniquely identify financial market instruments 3. Market identifier – a value used to uniquely identify content related to individual markets for a given security. Reference data 25 Capital markets data Reference data Data source identifiers Issuer identifiers Primary identifiers ‘backbone’ Issuer Issuer and corporate organizations issue... one or more Data sources Instrument identifiers financial instruments which.... 2 Reference data subclasses. 2. These entities should be thought of as mandatory wherever possible, as this serves fully to qualify the uniqueness of each record in the entity.

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