A Gathering of Crows by Brian Keene

By Brian Keene

Brinkley Springs is a quiet little city. a few say town is demise. they do not know how correct they are...

Five mysterious figures are approximately to pay a trip to Brinkley Springs. they've got existed for hundreds of years, rising from the shadows in basic terms to wreck. To kill. To feed. they convey terror and carnage, and depart blood and demise of their wake. the one person who can hinder their rampage is ex-Amish magus (and fan favourite personality) Levi Stoltzfus. because the evening wears on, Brinkley Springs should be quiet now not. Screams will holiday the silence.

But whilst the sunlight rises back, will there be an individual left alive to listen to?

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A passerby might have found their similar garb strangely reminiscent of America’s Colonial period, except for its color and the way the fabric seemed to blend with the darkness. Even their facial features were similar; they each had pointed noses and chins, dark eyes and even darker hair. They only differed in size, but even that was slight. The largest stood well over six feet tall. The others were within a few inches of that. Each of them seemed to defer to the biggest, who sat idly, head bobbing back and forth strangely on his almost nonexistent neck as he stared at the town below.

The bus driver then swerved off the road and hit a tree. A few folks were injured, but most escaped without a scratch. Except for Diane. She was thrown forward and banged her head against the seat in front of her— hard enough to cause her skull to separate from her spinal column. The doctor had called it internal decapitation. Axel had called it abandonment, and although he missed Diane every day and had been distraught over the loss, there were times when he grew angry with her for going off and leaving him behind to fend for himself.

The Sullivans’ screen door banged open. Jean poked her head out. “Axel,” she called. ” “I believe it may be out all over, Jean. Looks like Esther’s is out, too. ” “Well, that’s a relief. ” Shaking her head, she went back inside. Axel strained his ears and heard her soothing Bobby. Then he went back to counting. Four . . five . . six . . come on, damn it. Peep! Up the street, the Marshalls’ mangy old beagle began to howl. The sudden noise startled Axel, and he jumped in his chair. The dog howled again.

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