A Compendious Grammar Of The Egyptian Language: As Contained by Henry Tattam

By Henry Tattam

This ebook is a facsimile reprint and should comprise imperfections equivalent to marks, notations, marginalia and fallacious pages.

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NCOOY NAY NHOY, NHY to US. to 3. and AA The dative them. formed by the word po Copt, Bash, by prefixing E to them: and by TOT, Copt. is also TOOT, Sah. TAAT, Bash, by prefixing E or N to them. Singular. Bash. Coptic. Sahidic. Epoi EpOl, EpAl EpOK FpOK, EpAK EpO, EpA Epoq epoq, EpAq EpOC EpOC, EpAC to me. EAAK to thee, m. EAA to thee, f. to him. EAAq EAAC to her. E^AN to Plural. EpON EpON, EpAN EpCOTEN EpODTN EpODTEN 0HNOY HpAT THyTN Bpa)OY Epooy us. to you. EAATTHNOy EAAY to them. ( Singular. Coptic.

Which end 16. Sahidic Plurals and wy, and in ey, their singulars in E. as BAAE, blind. prudent, plur. tf# BAAEy. u)AqE enemy. xiXEEy, %^. enemies. 17. Sahidic Plur. a baker. AMpE, a ttjNEj, net. woyE, and last. short F fMFFy. village. */, which end Plurals w7- plur. sing, into ny pi. FHy. oxen. in EyF, wyE, and their singulars in E, as eAEEyE^ heads. TIE; heaven. last, ^AAE, rmyF, epwyE, and (fAAEEyE, lame, plur. The which end Plurals Sahidic heavens. gpE, food. plur. lame. changed into H when the plurals ends is 19.

ET(j)0), a singer. 14. C(|)tp, in E. woyi or cooyi which end in an side. EI, C())lpa)oyi, H or oy. beasts. bpHoyi, food, 15. pp(j)Fl, sides. in oyi, and their which are changed into AAoy. a (|)E, plur. a temple, hours. oyNO)oyi, TFBNtooyi, pEqXCO, CBODOyi, in the plural: as tears. hour. o>. CBO), a doctrine. singers. BEXF, wages. BFXHOyi, wages, FpMcooyi, and their oyi, AXO), magician. AXcooyt, a head. A(|)Hoyi ? heads. A(()F, CAUDoy, may be added these Of Coptic Plurals which end singulars boys.

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