Manga Math Mysteries 7: The Book Bandit: A Mystery with by Melinda Thielbar, Jennifer A. Lee, Candice Chow

By Melinda Thielbar, Jennifer A. Lee, Candice Chow

The technological know-how membership has created a tremendous "book bandit" sculpture within the public library. yet how did they get the sculpture in throughout the tiny library window? The librarians supply a prize to whoever can work out the puzzle. the children from Sifu Faiza's Kung Fu college comprehend they could win, however it will take all in their geometry talents plus a few unforeseen cooperation to dimension up... The e-book Bandit.

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39 They must have folded it, but I don’t see how. Can we sit here? Hey! Is that Weirdzu Guy #30? Yeah. Do you want to see it? I guess so. Do I?! 40 Maybe they folded the arms down . . This is the one where he meets Blub Boy! I didn’t see any seams to show it had been folded. That’s it! 41 Michelle said the Book Monster isn’t symmetrical, but that wasn’t really true. The Book Monster is symmetrical along its diagonal. 42 inches 12 inches 42 inches I bet the Science Stars folded the Book Monster along its diagonal.

We should measure to see if it would fit that way. That’s a great idea! Thanks for letting me look at your comic book! Sure! 42 The Monster is 60 inches across the diagonal. inc 12 he s 60 inches 42 That’s still way too big. inc inc 42 he s he s Once you fold the monster on its diagonal, it’s half as wide. Actually, it’s just right. 43 It’s like the rectangle. It doesn’t matter how long the base of the triangle is, as long as it’s short enough to fit through the window. Once the Monster is folded, it makes a triangle, and the height of the triangle is 30 inches--half of 60.

37 The square base of the pyramid is barely small enough to fit through the window. Adding triangles to each sides of the square would definitely make it too big. You’re right, Joy. The pieces are way too big to fit that way. 39 hes 39 inc inc he s 39 inches 27 -1 inche2s 39 in ches ches 39 39 in inc s he 39 inches Maybe they folded . . hmm . . Maybe they folded the piece one way to get it through the window and then folded it a different way to make the pyramid. What are you thinking, Michelle?

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