101 Amazing Leonardo DiCaprio Facts by Frankie Taylor

By Frankie Taylor

Are you the world's largest Leonardo DiCaprio fan? have you learnt every little thing there's to understand concerning the actor of a iteration? Then this can be the publication for you! during this easy-to-digest e-book are one zero one evidence approximately your favorite superstar – have you learnt all of them?Test your self and your pals with those handily-packaged proof simply organised into different types for max leisure. Sections contain Leo's movies, his friends and family and a few loopy evidence approximately his life!Whether your favorite movie is great, Inception or the nice Gatsby, this impressive booklet is filled with nice enjoyable proof for you.

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Leonardo has been nominated for an incredible eight Golden Globe awards as an actor. 7. One role that he wasn’t nominated for however was his debut film role - in direct-to-video flop Critters 3. 8. Leo won the Golden Globe Award for best Actor for his role in The Aviator. 9. Shutter Island and Inception rank among Leo’s biggest commercial successes. 10. The director of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape confessed he wasn’t looking for such a good-looking actor - but settled on DiCaprio as he seemed the most observant out of all the auditionees.

Acting - Part 2 1. In 1997, James Cameron convinced Leo to play the role of Jack Dawson in Titanic, a role which - at first - he refused. 2. Leo and his Titanic co-star Kate Winslet reunited for Revolutionary Road, a film directed by her then husband Sam Mendes. This role earned Leo his 7th Golden Globe nomination. 3. It is believed Leo pulled out of filming the Mel Gibson flick Viking after Gibson’s rage-fuelled rants and domestic violence became public. 4. In 2010 Leonardo announced that he would star as FBI informant Jack Van Laningham in a film about the assassination of John F.

5. Leonardo donated $1m of his own money to the Wildlife Conversation society at a Tiger summit. 6. There is a Dutch song about him by girl band K3. 7. The title translates to ‘I’m in love with Leonardo DiCaprio’! 8. Kate Winslet flashed Leo to break the ice when they found out he was to draw her naked in ‘Titanic’! 9. Leo owns a 104 acre island off the coast of Belize… 10. Which he plans to turn into an exclusive luxury eco-resort. And Finally... 1. Leonardo’s first on-screen kiss was with a man - in the movie ‘Total Eclipse’!

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