1001 Horrible Facts by Anne Rooney

By Anne Rooney

Obtained a thirst for wisdom of all issues nasty? Then this yuckopedia’s for you! A staff of sketch characters courses you thru a ceremonial dinner of festering evidence so terrible they’re demanding to believe.
Featuring gross truths in regards to the human physique, foodstuff, animals, historical past, technology, or even global files in horribleness, it’s a true schooling in all issues rotten . . . input ye no longer, these of a vulnerable structure . . .

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ECA6087C-5717-411 -85E9-72349D E15C2 Bedouin people cook a camel’s hump by burying it underground and lighting a fire over the top of it. When they dig it up and eat it, the top is cooked, but the bottom still mostly raw and bloody. In Ness, Scotland, people kill young gannets – a type of sea bird – to eat. The claws are the most highly prized part. 53 In both Sicily and Japan, people eat the raw roe (eggs) of sea urchins. In the Philippines, the eyes are considered the tastiest part of a steamed fish.

ECA6087C-5717-411 -85E9-72349D E15C2 Snake wine in China is a very potent alcoholic drink, spiced with juice from the gall bladder of a live snake. Horrible Food Facts Eskimos have been known to make seagull wine – put a seagull in a bottle of water, wait for it to go off – drink! Crispy fried duck or chicken feet are a delicacy in China. In the USA, whole chicken feet are sometimes pickled or made into soup. 54 1001 Horrible Facts In Wales, rook pie was considered a tasty way to get rid of a bird that might otherwise eat the crops.

Think cabbage is horrid? In Korea, it is sometimes buried in clay pots with salt for many months before it’s eaten – this dish is called kimchi, and is served with most meals. Alligator kebabs are popular in southern Louisiana, USA. In Fiji, people starve a pig for a week, then feed it veal when it is very hungry. A few hours later, they kill the pig and remove the half-digested veal, which they cook and eat. What to do with all the rattle snakes? Skin them, gut them, cut them into chunks, cover in batter and deep fry.

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