Mind Control Follow Up – Now With More Bicycles!

As regular readers of our blog will no doubt remember, we put up a post a few months ago about mind control. Hardware for using brainwaves to trigger action outside the body is becoming better and more ubiquitous every day and we noted that it would be fascinating to watch the different kinds of applications that people could come up with. On cue, I saw an article this week about a concept bike from Parlee Cycles and Toyota. The bike combines a number of technologies including a smart phone app, biometric performance monitoring, and Neurosky and Emotiv neuro-headset technology. In concert, the system allows the rider to track their performance and, most relevantly, shift gears by thinking about it as opposed to actuating a shifter by hand. While not meant for sale, it is nevertheless interesting as an example of how people are already starting to develop creative applications for this type of hardware… George Jetson would be impressed.

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